Think golf Club, not golf club


You have royalty in your bloodline.  Don’t ever forget that.  Kings and Queens act different.  In the early 80’s a young golfer from the States was invited by the King of Saudi of Arabia to visit his homeland.  This gentleman politely obliged and experienced sights and smells unlike any other.  Towards the end of his trip, the King thanked him for spending time in his home country and asked for his address to send a small token of his appreciation.  The golfer, a bit taken back, and knowing the wonderful hospitality that was already shown to him, undeservedly handed it over.  On the flight home, this golfer wondered what his Highness would possibly send him as a gift.  Perhaps a solid gold golf club or diamond encrusted putter.  He waited anxiously as the days passed, checking his mailbox frequently; sometimes even multiples times per day but to no avail.  About a month later a certified letter arrived with the return address His Royalty the King of Saudi Arabia.  What?  No package?  No box?  When he opened it, he found the deed to a 500 acre golf CLUB.

You come from Royalty.  Think expectantly.  Think favor.  Act like a King.

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