Who says chivalry is dead?


* We’re making a slight course correction here on the blog.  From here on out, all posts will be short notes written to my 4-yr old son Jack.  I intend to instill lessons and morals in him that I wish I had been taught at a younger age.  Some, if not many, will be basic and therein lies the beauty.  I hope you enjoy the tweaked format and welcome your comments. *

Dear Jack ~ if you had met your great grandparents you would have seen chivalry in action.  Not that you won’t still see it today, but it’s a lot less prominent.  It’s hiding behind the cellphones and iPads.  In this modern era, so many folks are focused on themselves it’s tough to get out of your own head and think about others; remember the world revolves around them.  Always put them first.  They’re usually thinking about something in the past or something in the future… very rarely in the present.  My elders taught me check the weather report each night before bed.  I’m not so sure it was about knowing what to wear, but rather to be prepared and always be at the ready (you’ll learn the Boy Scout motto someday).  Carry an umbrella with you; you may never know when you’ll need it.  At the very least you’ll be in position to offer shelter for your neighbors and significant others (you may even strike up the elusive conversation).  My mother taught me at a young age to ALWAYS open the doors for others and I do my best to this day.  In fact, writing this note to you reminds me I can do better… and so can you.  Keep an eye on the sky.

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