Fight On Your Knees


Dear Jack ~ this is a two-part crash course on both mortal combat and spiritual nourishment.  First, you come from a long lineage of fighters.  Your great-great-grandfather was a prize-winning boxer (believe it or not his nickname was “Blotty” aka “Bloody”) and your dad (me) was known to go a few rounds himself (and was on the receiving end of his fair share of blows too).  Point being, and this may be met with some controversy, never start a fight but don’t walk away from one either.  There is tremendous valor and honor in ending a fight.  When you find yourself in over your head, act a little loony and 9 times out of 10 the situation will diffuse itself.  People don’t mess with the crazy guy.  It’s a fact and I’ve field tested and battle hardened it.

Secondly, and far more important, do your fighting from your knees.  Not literally, of course, but spiritually.  I learned this concept from Dayton Moore, GM of your hometown Kansas City Royals.  He is a man of tremendous faith and is worth studying if you find the time.  He enlightened me on the concept of placing your house slippers under your bed at night (yes, real men wear slippers) so each day you must begin, knelt, remembering why you’re here and that you are the custodian of your own destiny.  You may very well have not found your calling yet, remember there is no road map but success leaves clues, and it takes many people a lifetime to figure it out, but the time you spend on the ground each day will give you a line of sight most others don’t have.

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