Dirty Jobs


“We’re churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance, and no realistic expecatation of what is means to go to work.”

– Mike Rowe

Dear Jack ~ Mike has it right.  Get up and get to work.  Motion creates emotion.  Watch the show Dirty Jobs.  It follows the host, Mike Rowe, around as he explores this country searching for the men and women that aren’t afraid to get dirty.  The blue collar laborer is a dying breed.  What a shame.

Jobs aren’t always going to be fun.  They’re a mean to an ends.  Don’t be the guy that walks by a “help wanted” sign on the way to the unemployment office.  Get off your duff and create one.  Most jobs I’ve ever have had been created.  I started as a temp and made a position.  I suggest you do the same thing.  Opportunity is created and earned.

That being said, do something your passionate about.  I suggest you focus on the other big “P”; purpose.  Do something that adds value and has purpose.  If you help enough other people be successful; it comes full circle.  You want to become a trusted advisor to your friends and family.

My grandfather said the messure of a succesful day is the amount of dirt under your fingernails come bed time.  Get up.  Add value.  Get to work.


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