As a Man Thinketh


Dear Jack ~ Take time to think deeper.  The subtle art of pondering has been lost in today’s hustle and bustle mentality.  I encourage you to spend alone time, with pen and paper.  You need not move mountains but sometimes slowing down and thinking out loud can be tremendously beneficial.  Perhaps it’s quite time in the morning or after the house is asleep… whatever it is do it consistently, with enthusiasm and with an insatiable curiosity.

Research suggests that simply writing down your goals, aspirations, and wishes can increase their likelihood of success by as much as 70%.  That’s pretty powerful.  Be in the top 1%.  Write it down.  The kinesthetic nature of putting pen to paper takes tactility to another level.

Farmers used to carry small index notebooks to keep a careful eye over their crops and monitor planting.  We can learn from these men and women of the land.  The human brain can only store a finite amount of information but cataloguing and indexing your ideas can create a mental filing cabinet from which some of your best and brightest ideas may take root.  Make your thinking cap a permanent wardrobe fixture and the sky’s the limit.

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