Sharpen Your Slingshot


Dear Jack ~ You’ve got to know that you know there is nothing you can’t overcome.  Reflect on the story of David and his rise to victory with his tiny frame, a slingshot, and 5 small smooth stones.  He declared that day he would feed his foe’s head to the birds of the air.

He did.

You will do the same.

There will be times in life when the problems in front of you seem insurmountable.  Sickness, doubt, depression will come; but know they are temporary.  They did not come to stay.  Deep down, you’ve got to know that you know.

Just like David you will face trials and tribulations that tower over you.  I’ve found in my life when faced with a problem, there is nothing that deep reflection, constructive rumination and a thoughtful plan can’t overcome.  Sometimes the most daunting circumstances can be “chunked down” into bite size pieces digestable by the strongest of human spirits you possess.

In the words of the great Ronald Reagan, IT CAN BE DONE.


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