The Only Way Out Is Through


Dear Jack ~ The buffalo is an amazing creature.  In the rolling Flint Hills of Kansas storms form quickly. Cattle join together, birds form a flock and sheep look for their Shepard; but they all run East from the storms and impending weather.  What makes the buffalo unique, both in our home state and others, is it senses the barometric pressure change, looks a storm in the eye, and barrels it’s way through.  It knows that the intermediate pain will pail in comparison to the alternative.

This is how we must approach life.  Instead of rolling with, we must bury our heads and plow through. The human psyche is motivated by one of two things; either to avoid pain or gain pleasure. Think about it.  It’s the former that we must tackle head on.

When things seem tough, the obstacles insurmountable and we are overwhelmed beyond our wildest dreams, tuck your head in, eye your obstacle and charge your way in.

The only way out is through.


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