Burn Your Kindle


“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

– Walt Disney

Dear Jack ~ Without question reading has been the foundation of whatever success I’ve had in my life.  It’s been said the measure of a man can often be attributed to the size of his library.  The greats not only read but they study the intellect and works of those that have gone before him.  While I am all for the voracious consumption of fiction, there is also much to be said about the power of personal development books.

I’ve noted before, success leaves clues.  Success is not accidental.  Seek others that have attained what you are after and ask them what they read.  More often than not, you’ll uncover a common thread.  Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and W. Clemmet Stone are some of the names I’d wager a bet you’ll hear.  These are men that were not only successful in their own right but they studied the other greats of their time.  The entire foundation of Napolen Hill’s infmaous Think and Grow Rich was the study, commencted by Andrew Carnegie, of the 500 most successful men of his era.

The debate between electronic reading vs. hard copy is a futile one, but I will say, in my own experience, the tactile feel of a physical book is hard to match.  I’ve also made it a habit of highlighting relevant quotes and passages as I read and, needless to say, that’s much easier with physical pages.  The good news for you, son, is you will be passed on my library with many of the books I read (and continue to read).  Dust them off.  Enjoy them.  Care for them.  Consume them and allow them to be the springboard they were designed to be.


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