Progress Not Perfection


Dear Jack ~ If there is one principle that has dramatically improved the quality of my life, it’s the process I describe as CANI.  Simply put, it’s the mindset of constant and never-ending improvement.  

Remember, even with all it’s skilled labor, Rome was not built in a day.  The world we live in and the lives we lead can often contribute to bouts of, what appear to be, insurmountable problems and challenges.  But this strategy has the ability to break down these barriers and allow us to actively contribute to a positive and productive lifestyle.  Lest we not forget, our goal is to live squarely in the asset column of life.

This tactic can be used for all areas of life; spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial.  You name it and this process can be overlaid creating drastic increase in fulfillment and forward progress.  The mechanics itself are pretty self explanatory but at it’s core, we are striving to make small incremental changes and advancement on a daily basis.  Without this approach, life will seem unconquerable at times.  The beauty of this tactic is in it’s simplicity and it’s achievability.  The result is a compound effect of epic proportion and the results will absolutely stun you.


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