Simplicity. The Ultimate Sophistication.


Dear Jack ~ Less is more.  Minimalism, simplicity and shedding “stuff” is all the rage right now.  Sad to say, but America is fat; in more ways than one.  We’ve gorged ourselves with things, filled empty gaps with technology, and there is an outlet mall in every city.  Heck, we don’t even talk to each other anymore.  Don’t fall into the trap.

Pick things in your life that add enduring value.  Often times, it’s the little things that yield us the highest return.  Maybe it’s a notebook, a favorite pen or a well-constructed leather wallet.  Whatever it is, make sure it can stand the test of time.  Quality will always outlast price.

Same is true of your day.  This world is now measured in nanoseconds and if you think you’re fast the world will tell you you’re slow.  Pay them no mind.  Ensure that each of your actions is calculated, methodical and with merit.  Approach each day with fervor and enthusiasm but never lose sight of what you’re trying to accomplish no matter how simple it may be.

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