Failing Forward


Dear Jack ~ In life you will stumble, trip, fall down, get beat up (both literally and figuratively), take blows and hit brick walls but our goal is to slide across the finish line head first.  Dust yourself off, get up, and carry yourself forward.  Progress not perfection.  It’s this, that’s separates the men from the boys.

Life is one giant experiment and you hold the beaker in your hand.  It’s up to you which direction you take your life but I implore you to make it a productive and fun filled journey.  Life is too short to be boring and it’s not meant to be meandered through.  Learn from your failures.  Tuition is free to The School of Hard Knocks and is one of life’s most potent antidotes.

Carry yourself with enthusiasm and approach life with a light hearted mentality and any setbacks you are dealt are just trials and small tribulations the likes of which are easily surmountable.  Look to the sky and remember this too soon shall pass.

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