Information vs. Transformation


Dear Jack ~ This world will come at you a million miles and hour and overload you with countless tips, techniques and tactics for a better life.  But none of that will bear the fruit that transformative growth will and does.  This is the time tested method for a happy, healthy, abundant life.

Information is good and plentiful but it’s the use of that “stuff” that leads to transformation and skyrocketed personal development.  Live life in the fast lane and you’ll no doubt be overwhelmed by media, society, and our hustle and bustle culture but every now and again, take heed and ensure that you’re progressing along the growth spectrum and your betterment scale is tilted in the right direction.

Transformation occurs at the intersection of action and knowledge.  We must remember that being stagnant isn’t optimal and we must be consistently striving to progress and get better daily.  Information will only take us so far but it’s a spirit of transformation that takes us through open doors and living a life full of favor.

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  1. Gary Ridings

    July 24, 2015 11:11 pm

    This is awesome

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