Decide Not To Decide


Dear Jack ~ Life is a series of decisions and sometimes a simple pause is all that is required.  When facing decisions, weighing options, or traversing tough challenges we must take heed in the process and learn to slow down.

It’s the journey, not the destination.  A wise man once told me if a decision can be reachd in under two minutes to execute and create momentum with enthusiasm.  We must also ensure we’re making the right decision in light of whatever circumstances we’re facing… or do we?

Life is an experiment and changing your mind is easy when you operate on a vertical playing field.  Course corrections are plausable in today’s world; just ensure they’re your decisions and not others.  In life you will run into attempts to hijack the steering wheel; pay them no mind and rise.  Embrace the art of the pause; dig deep, search your soul and execute with determination and fervor and the road to life will be paved.



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