Above the Snake Line


Dear Jack ~ There is, in nature, an invisible, yet very real and definite, line above which you will never find a snake. Early settlers in America referred to this line as “the snake line”. Often, when they were purchasing a property, they would ask the seller where the property was in relation to the snake line.

They knew the land on the mountain was rockier, harder to clear, and not as fertile as the land in the valley. But, they also knew the land in valley was infested with rattlesnakes, adders, and copperheads. Many settlers chose to raise their families on the higher ground, above this line, rather than risk snake bites for themselves or their families.

In a similar way, we must also rise up.  Just as these early settlers knew the altitude at which risk was measured, so too do we need to evaluate our potential risk/reward and shift vertical on the playing field and enter a land of certainty and fortune.

There is no doubt that we’ll miss it from time to time but let’s make it a habit of pitching base camp above the snake line.  That simple act alone can limit our failures and maximize our opportunity and that is something we should take any day of the week.

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