7 Things Every Child Needs to Hear


You speak.  I listen.  We dance.  Your life ignites.

– Steve Hardison

Dear Jack ~ What separates world class from the average is the quality of questions we ask.  But sometimes, what’s needed is a statement.  A powerful, opportunistic and epic statement.  What follows are small, yet mighty, ideas that can be spoken over any child, anytime, anywhere.

It is my hope you hear these cross my tongue on a routine and frequent basis.  I was raised by a single mother and grew up a maverick; she instilled many of these phrases in me but truthfully, most of these fell on deaf ears.  I wasn’t ready, willing, or able.  It is also my aspiration that, as you age, you begin to understand the true meaning of these phrases for they are not lip service.  Within each of these is the power to heal, enhance and encourage.

  • I love you.
  • I’m proud of you.
  • I’m sorry.
  • I forgive you.
  • I’m listening.
  • This is your responsibility.
  • You’ve got what it takes.

CAUTION:  These phrases are potent.  Do not use them recklessly.  Use them wisely and watch doors open, relationships blossom and your world shift.  Apply them to your life and not only will you inspire others but, in doing so, your world will open up.  You’ll savor flavors never experienced, notice joy in the smallest of places, and begin to uncover life’s true meaning.  Remember, a blessing isn’t a blessing until it’s spoken so speak freely, from your heart, and your life will ignite and change forever.

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