The Country Wave


Dear Jack ~ Out in the sticks we do things a little differently.  You’ll notice different modes of transportation, certain types of dress and unique phrases only reserved for God’s flyover states.  But one thing you will find in common, is the country wave.

Out on rural roads, anytime of the day, you will notice that all drivers give one another a polite “hi” gesture when driving by.  I think this signifies something a little larger than suggests on the surface.

It’s an optimistic, enthusiastic, and emphatic way of life.  While I don’t know my fellow driver, I do share a kindred bond.  Trust.  I trust that they are safe to drive and operate machinery.  I trust that they won’t swerve and hit me head on.  And I trust they respect and honor my prescious cargo on board.  It’s a small sign of approval and for this I am grateful.

If you’ve never tried the country wave, I suggest you do so.  Signal your pleasantries and notice a brighter day and lighter steps.  Say hello and watch the world (and others) open up.

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