Own Your Fear


Dear Jack  ~ Fear is most often experienced when we are inactive and thinking about the future.  When we fully engaged, putting our heart and soul into something, fear is replaced by the rush of pure excitement.

Fear is an illusion; simply a figment of our imagination.  It’s a symptom of living in the future.  Embrace the now.  Live in this moment for that is the only component we can control.  The rest is fabrication followed by paralysis.

Do the hard things first.  Do what others are unwilling to do and you will live in the realm of world class.  Truly epic performers harness the concept fear and use it as a tool.  Own it.


  1. Gwyn Huff

    December 11, 2015 11:08 am

    Thanks for the forum and the encouraging words. Usually, I’m resilient, resourceful and I figure it out. Just not “there” yet. But it’s early in the day! Just didn’t see work getting thin. Didn’t see it coming. I’d better get on it.Thanks for “listening”.

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